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Should you experience any problems with your VET Levy Payments and/or your Employer Training Grant Claims, contact our Customer Care Centre at 0800 2078 550, or e-mail us at levy@nta.com.na

Welcome to the Vocational Education and Training Levy System

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To expedite the process of Registration employers need to have the following information to hand:-

  1. If you are a Holding Company – List of eligible subsidiaries
  2. Date employer commenced business
  3. Numbers employed
    • Total
  4. Company registration number
  5. Income tax number
  6. Social Security number
  7. Estimated annual payroll for the NTA Financial Year (1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015)
  8. Bank Details
    • Name of branch
    • Branch and branch code
    • Account name
    • Account number
    • Account type